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Mission and Objective

District Mission & Vision

District Mission Statement

The San Lorenzo Unified School District teachers and staff will collaborate with families and the community to cultivate safe learning environments and ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students

  • All students will become engaged community members contributing to, and becoming good stewards of our changing world.
  • All students will reach their highest potential as creative and critical thinkers prepared for college, career and life-long learning.

District Vision Statement

Students will become creative, collaborative, compassionate, resilient, well-informed and socially responsible advocates for equity and social justice as a result of their education, experience and support from educators, families and the community.

Bay School Vision

Bay School's Vision

Bay School is a community which fosters respect for self and others, a love of learning, critical thinking, and practical life skills necessary for success.

GOALS FOR STUDENTS: The opportunity for Bay students to develop to their full potential is supported by a comprehensive program which entitles all students to a quality education. Students are taught Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science (History), Music and P.E. These programs are aligned with California Common Core Standards. Students are taught to become more proficient in the use of technology.

GOALS FOR PARENTS: The goal of Bay School is to involve parents as active partners with the school in their child’s emotional, social, and intellectual growth. Parents are continuing participants at informational meetings related to their child’s education. Parents are responsive to school programs, activities, grade level standards and teacher expectations. Parents are consistently communicating and involved with school staff regarding their child’s academic and social progress.

GOALS FOR THE STAFF: The goal for the Bay Staff is to continue to provide a sound instructional program that is aligned with California State Standards. Staff will engage students using a wide variety of instructional strategies and collaborate to provide a coherent and progressive program for all students. Staff will ensure that the viewpoint of all stakeholder groups is represented in the decision-making process at the school and District level. Staff will consistently communicate and be involved with parents regarding their child’s academic and social progress.

Equity Vision and Definition
Equity in the San Lorenzo Unified School District is acknowledging historical biases and changing the way they are addressed in terms of closing the academic achievement gap. We define our approach to the work of equity as providing for each student the academic, emotional and social supports needed to increase the achievement of under-performing subgroups at an accelerated rate while additionally increasing overall student performance.